Codebench is an integrated platform for learning data science through Jupyter notebooks. It assists in desigining, developing,releasing, and overseeing project submissions. During the assignment completion phase, users can leverage generative AI for responsible AI assistance.

Links to codebench

There is a separate instance of Codebench for each course that uses it. Here are links for Spring 2024:

About grading

See Grading in Codebench for instructions on fetching and submitting assignments.

This system uses for grading. is a service that allows graders to annotate assignments, and give better feedback than you'd normally get from online grading. Codepost has its own logins, based on an email address and a separate Codepost password.

You can get to from the button in the "Codepost" section of the main Codebench web page. You can also go directly to

The first time you submit an assignment, it will create an account for you at, using as your email address. You should get an email from codepost telling you how to set up the account so you can login.

If you don't see any email from codepost by the time you submit your first assignment, check your spam.

Your instructor may ask us to create accounts for all students at once, before the first assignment. If so, you'll get the email then.


Refer to the links below for guidance on preparing your notebooks:

Where files are

There are separate home directories for these systems. You have 15 GB quotes on them. You can access them from any ilab system as

At the end of the semester, please move any files you're going to need into your normal home directory. These directories will be deleted in the middle of the semester following the course.