Grading in Codebench

Getting an assignment to work on

To fetch a copy of your assignment

If you mess up an assignment and want a fresh copy, see Fetching a new copy, below.

To submit an assignment

When you have finished the assignment, you'll submit the notebooks included with it. The work you submit will be items you've filled in in the notebook, with possible additional files.

You can submit more than once. The most recent submission will be sent to codepost and graded.

If there's a problem, you may get a popup error message when you try to submit. The most common error is that your notebook is too large. When you run your program, output will show in your notebook. Sometimes that is very large. If necessary, clear out the output before submitting.

Your assignment will normally be sent to codepost within 10 min of when you submit it. However problems can occur. E.g. codepost can be down temporarily. We will retry until codepost accepts it.

You can check your submission by looking at the file browser in the left section of the page. There should be a folder named submissions. Inside it you'll see a folder named by your course name, e.g. "cs439." Inside it is a list of assignments. This will show your most recent submission for that assignment. The submission won't show here until it has actually been accepted by codepost.

Fetching a new copy

If you mess up your assignment, you can get a new copy. But first you'll have to get the old copy of the way.

The easiest approch is to rename it: